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An eclectic mix of cotton and linen sarees in contemporary hues- Suchismita’s latest collection celebrates the spirit of freedom in fashion

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Silk Linen

A unique blend of linen and silk sari collection in various color shades to define your personality and mood.

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Noil Kantha

Lost art of hand-stitched Kantha revived in this exclusive sari collection to give you a feel of exclusivity.

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Suchismita’s love Noil transformed the sari wearing populace from being tradition weary to post modern aficionados.

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The multi –coloured, bold stripes in a whole new range of scarves bring out the persona of the independent woman.

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The unusual mix of colours, the experiment with contradictory shades confirms her confidence in her originality.

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Linen Jamdani

It’s a story of craftsmanship and sense of aesthetic perfected with an insight into contemporary fashion.

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