Art Nouveau: A design musing

Art Nouveau: A design musing

Art inspires art..

Great art has a way of inciting creativity and moving one to explore their own imagination and aesthetics. Suchismita’s creations often reflect her love for art and design.

The Art Nouveau movement, that combines exquisite craftsmanship with innovative forms and materials has always been a source of inspiration for Suchismita, prompting her to create a style that is distinct in it’s flamboyance and freedom.

Specifically, Gustav Klimt’s ethos of mystery and sensuality has played a prominent role in Suchismita’s creations.

A masterpiece of Klimt’s Golden Phase is the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, one of Klimt’s greatest achievements, in which gold has been used in a variety of contexts. The painting embodies opulence. The subject seems to become one with her glowing surroundings, yet a distinctive figure emerges from the profusion of decorative motifs. Adele appears as a modern, complex woman, her intelligence as evident as her sensuality. Her hands are folded in such a way as to conceal a deformed finger, yet the gesture only adds to her mysterious grace.

Adele Bloch-Bauer was the only woman portrayed twice by Klimt in a full length portrait. It has long been speculated that she and Klimt had a love affair, and that Adele Block-Bauer I contains visual clues about their relationship. These include the numerous open-eye and almond shapes in the painting, which have sexual connotations. In addition, the subject is portrayed with great tenderness, and is ennobled by her regal setting.

The layers of fabric and elaborate motifs together with the simple cuts of the gown inspired her to create a line of linen ensemble. Adele’s gown is painted with gold leaf and many motifs, the gold giving it a magnificent richness.

Suchismita desired a similar richness on linen, she printed the fabric with a unique binding technique that gave out a perfect sheen. Linen looked lustrous. The cuts were meant to be strong, yet very subtle. The motifs run a pattern, right through the ensemble, adding the quirk which Suchismita is known for. She combined different fabrics, playing around with texture and patterns to bring out the subtle whimsical distinction in the collar, the layers, the sleeves – all adding to a unique elegance that puts Suchismita’s collection a class apart.

Says Suchismita, “as a designer, I feel that everyone has a different style pattern which can not only be expressed by the use of different colours that suit the profile, but patterns.”

The unconventional and inventive play of lines and patterns has been expressed in creating a collection that spells elegance, charm, mystery and sensuousness.